Crisis Planning and Management

“Managing a crisis without a communication plan is like showing up for the big game without knowing who the opponent is or having a game plan.”  ~ Miller & Smith, 2002, p. 27

We consider any situation that is deemed an emergency, has significant potential of immediately and negatively impacting your brand, or threatens the ongoing prosperity of your business as a crisis.  A crisis is any situation that may negatively impact a brand’s reputation including an act of violence or other criminal activity, natural disaster, social media backfire, foodborne illness or improper handling of an employee relations situation.

How a company prepares for and responds to a crisis is critical, especially with the role social media plays in our lives today.  We will ensure your organization is prepared by having a detailed, customized plan that is integrated into the organization, starting at the highest level.

The purpose of a crisis management plan is to equip your company with the ability to act and respond to emergency situations with maximum operational efficiency and effectiveness in order to protect your brand.  The plan will ensure the timely, accurate and consistent communication of responsible information to your appropriate internal and external audiences.

Through a customized e-learning module, we will partner with you to integrate the crisis plan and processes throughout your organization.  After all, a plan that is developed and left on the shelf is nothing more than a doorstop.

Our branded and customized tools may include:

  • Crisis Management Guide
  • Potential Q&A
  • Crisis cascade process
  • Potential scenario briefing
  • Development of crisis management collateral
  • Training, implementation and integration of guide, processes and collateral

We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions, need more information or would like to schedule a meeting.