Our Talent

We are a consortium of award winning consultants that prides ourselves on our network of experts that are truly the best at what they do.

Together, we have proven expertise in multiple key areas of business:


  • We will partner with you to find and develop the right talent to achieve your business goals with a 360°approach that includeseverything from sourcing and hiring to onboarding and ongoing development.


  • Ensuring that your employees and shareholders are ‘in the loop’ is critical to any organization’s success.  We will partner with you to determine the best communication approach for your business.

Conferences and Events

  • Bringing people together for one large gathering is an effective way to disseminate information and build a culture.  We will partner with you to stage a conference or event that will leave your participants raving about the VTI, value for time invested,they received.

Crisis Management

  • A crisis is any situation that is deemed an emergency, has significant potential of immediately and negatively impacting your brand, or threatens the ongoing prosperity of your business.  We will partner with you to develop a crisis management program that will provide you with the ability to act and respond to a crisis with maximum operational effectiveness in order to protect your brand.

Speech Writing

  • Using the right words, appropriate tone and style that complements you is key when delivering a speech.  We will work with you to create a customized, and more importantly, a personalized speech for your next speaking event.

Public Relations

  • What you say and how you say it will make an impact on your business, whether it’s for good or bad.  We will partner with you to create compelling PR campaigns that will set your brand apart from your competitors.

New Store Openings

  • Your ability to maintain the integrity of your business while growing internally or through franchising your brand is only as good as the tools and support you provide.  This is critical to ensure everyone is aligned to the brand DNA.  We will work with you to ensure you have the tools and resources to meet your goals.

We believe in a simple, straightforward approach that is highly customized for your business with a personal touch.

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