Public Relations

“Image is Everything” ~ Andre Agassi

Public Relations is an investment that supports the overall business strategy by promoting brand awareness through media relations (from promoting new products to highlighting the brand’s philanthropic commitment), increasing attractiveness to potential franchise partners or stakeholders, while positioning your company as a responsible corporate citizen, category leader and employer of choice in your current and prospective markets.

And it begins with the development of an overarching PR strategy, which includes a short- and long-term plan. Bottom line, what are your PR aspirations twelve months from now and how will you make that happen?

We will work intimately with you to develop your PR strategy and brand voice; in doing so, we will use these eight filters in everything we do:

  • Elevate profile of corporate responsibility
  • Achieve industry awards around the brand’s leadership and innovation
  • Build positive brand awareness
  • Implement proactive media relations program
  • Enhance appeal among potential franchise partners
  • Promote the brand’s category leadership
  • Differentiate the brand as employer of choice
  • Merchandise/capitalize on current events

And when you begin spreading the news, we have a customized measurement tool that will show how your brand’s media coverage compares to your direct competitors.

Whether you want to promote a new product, inform your audiences about something vital to your business, shout from the rooftop about an executive promotion or foster a relationship with a key influencer, we have an award-winning team with proven results.

Our branded and customized tools may include:

  • Strategic PR plan
  • Award calendar
  • Development of key messaging and brand voice
  • Customized media relationships based on brand need
  • Executive profiles
  • Measurement of PR impact
  • PR “How To” Guide
  • Branded microsite to highlight your PR activities (integrated into existing brand’s website)

We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions, need more information or would like to schedule a meeting.