Our Solutions

Leadership Development Great leaders will capture the hearts and minds of those they lead in such a way that engages and motivates them to achieve results. Our organic and branded career planning is a win/win approach.

Talent Management & Succession Planning Your business strategy needs to have well thought out plans for developing and retaining employees to meet current and future objectives. Let us create a customized plan specific to your brand that will set you apart from your competitors.

Recruitment & Selection We understand the importance and time required to hire and interview new employees. We can help solve and address your needs with our experienced recruiters from a broad range of industries, and with customized tools.

Training We provide customized training that resonates to each person’s learning style and to your brand. This ensures that deeper connections are created to inspire employees with the skills required to do their best work.

Performance Management A company’s success is based on having every employee engaged on a daily basis, not just an annual “event.”  We create that link between the process and the achievement of your business objectives so that every employee is focused and clear about expectations.

Conference and Event Planning Utilizing a conference or event to communicate to a large audience is very effective when done right.  Let us give your event the special attention it deserves.  We are different because we offer a branded experience unlike any other … from initial event design to event strategy to development of breakout sessions to speech writing to AV/production to full, onsite management of your event.

Crisis Planning and Management How a company prepares for and responds to a crisis is critical, especially with the role social media plays in our lives today.  We will ensure your organization is prepared by having a detailed, customized plan that is integrated into the organization, starting at the highest level.

Corporate and Executive Communication Corporate and Executive Communication in today’s marketplace is more than the memos, publications, and broadcasts that comprise it; it’s about building a corporate culture on values that drive organizational excellence.  We will partner with you to develop a strategic communication plan and tools that address your organization’s goals and effectively communicate key messages to all pertinent audiences.

Speech Writing What you say and how you say it will leave an impression with your audience, no matter how big or small it is.  We will work with you to create a customized, and more importantly, a personalized speech for your next event.

Public RelationsPublic Relations is an investment that supports the overall business strategy by promoting brand awareness through media relations, increasing attractiveness to potential franchise partners or stakeholders, while positioning your company as a responsible corporate citizen, category leader and employer of choice in your current and prospective markets.  We will partner with you to develop the most effective PR plan for your business that will build your brand awareness and drive traffic, trial and sales.

New Store Openings Your ability to maintain the integrity of your business while growing internally or through franchising your brand is only as good as the tools and support you provide.  This is critical to ensure everyone is aligned to the brand DNA.  We will work with you to ensure you have the tools and resources to meet your goals.

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