Breakthrough Talent Solutions

The consultants at Breakthrough Talent Solutions, LLC (BTS)understand the importance of time. Because of this we specialize in instituting change throughout your company based on your immediate and long-term needs.

Whether your company’s staff is stretched too thin or lacking the experience necessary to institute company-wide programs or a last minute project that was due ‘yesterday,’ we can help – from the ground level up.

We are unique because we offer a vast array of services … services that would typically require multiple agencies or consultants.  One upside for our clients is that our process is more streamlined, with a quicker turnaround, and at a cumulative price that is much lower because we are able to package multiple services together.  Think of it this way … we approach each project from a 360° perspective.

With over 75 years of combined experience, the principals at Breakthrough Talent Solutions, LLC possess the know-how to quickly develop and execute your business needs.

  • Create training programs
  • Create staffing programs
  • Resume creation and recruiting
  • Foster leadership development
  • Create customized communication and culture solutions
  • Speech writing and coaching
  • Create and execute strategies and tactics
  • Develop and implement crisis management programs
  • Create customized events and conferences for your company
  • Create strategies for growth through franchising
  • Provide tools and expertise on new store openings

We believe in a simple, straightforward approach that is highly customized for your business, and has a personal touch.

When we’re asked what sets us apart from other consultants, our answer is simple.  We provide a personalized experience with everything we do.  Your company has its own identity and we truly believe that our clients deserve to receive ideas and plans that further establish them as a leader in their industry … we will push the envelope and think out of the box.

As the Millennials, otherwise known as Gen Y, continue to grow as the largest generation in our history, it’s even more compelling that company’s think differently than they have in the past.  What we have always done is no longer good enough.  Changing with the times is imperative … and that’s exactly what BTS has done.

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